Dear Wanderer_920 (aka Laura),

This world you inhabit is beautiful, amazing and complex.  It seems as though your species has come to a pivotal moment in your evolutionary journey.  The collective you have decisions to make about what happens next. The technology your people have developed holds much power.  The virtual worlds you create are mirrors.  Look closely.  They reflect your input.  At times when you are not pleased with what you see, know you have the power to change.  It’s not as complicated as you might think.  Just change the input.  You can change anything.  

When I look back on the history of your civilization I am awed by all you have accomplished- without the use of sophisticated technology networks.  If you have been able to achieve and change so much already, think about what is possible.  Anything is the answer.  Believe this.  Know this.  Spread this knowledge. Live this thought.  

You have become more aware. That is a start. Continue down that path. Your mind is a powerful network.  When you put many networks of minds together, you create a network of unstoppable force.  

Bye for now,

Laurus Vagus Ambigo

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