She is like me, I am like her

This week I got my inspiration from Quanesha, Quanesha’s father, and Quanesha’s Pastor. I have only been friends with Quanesha (QuaneshaSB) for a little while, but I feel like we have so much in common. The most obvious is our faith. I love the fact I can talk to her, and she understands where I am coming from. And just like Quanesha took the time out to read some of my work, I have been taking the time out to read some of her work. Quanesha has a passion/commitment to prayer. She sent me this photo which gave me an idea for a meme. Quanesha was happy about this bug that stayed on the window for hours thinking it was a praying mantis, which she has seen before, only to realize after talking to her mom it wasn’t. Still, it works for a great meme and what we are supposed to accomplish through memes this week. I think it is parody, and I think it has a way of getting people’s attention. And to be completely honest, sometimes I feel like the negative memes or parody work the best. Here is another meme I came up with for this week. A quote I saw  that helped inspire it was “I may have to cry sometimes but I will never regret being a woman of God.”

Moreover, I even tried to get @MCorbettWilson to contribute/annotate on the McSweeney’s article.

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  1. You are fortunate to have a good friend like Quanesha; I have seen too how much good grace and curiosity she brings to her #netnarr class. I hope she learns some valuable Alchemy from you.

  2. When we find connections — internal and external — the Universe expands a little bit, opening up space for more possibilities.

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