Mission II: Alchemy As Cooking (with gas?)

Ahhh, the kitchen. It has cabinets of elements, vials of spices, drawers of metallic implements, a flat surface of operation outfitted with heat sources. Isn’t this not a laboratory?

This week’s mission takes us into another realm of a “netprov” called “Cooking With Anger” where we digital alchemists will stack up our skills of storytelling and media with others from different worlds, those of the ordinary world, the goaffy.

Let’s show them how it’s done the #Arganee way!

The Health Board

You will see now on the front of this site a dynamic data reading of the state of the World of Arganee. There is a “graph” that will always display the overall “health” a summation of the total abilities of all within.

This will change over time, and with your activities. You may develop a sense of what drives the health up or down, but as you can see, Arganee seeks alchemists to use and apply their four main media skills. Pushing them all, as a group, above the green line is the goal that will help your world and ours.

Below the graph, you can see a table with the data for all individual alchemists. You can use the controls at the top to filter out by score level, class etc. Now while we are individuals we may be drawn into competition with each other, but it is really our drive to compete with at green bar above that matters.

What will count?

What you do, share as an Alchemist helps. What you do not do…. nada.

Giving a Bot Voice to your Alchemist’s Twitter

Your twitter can come very much alive if you let a twitter bot do some talking. We referenced last week the Google Spreadsheet created by a wizard friend named Zach Whalen that can make this happen.

We see already it’s activity (we think, it can be hard to tell bot talk from alchemist)

The spreadsheet offers a number of ways to populate the tweets with bits that can recombine in unique ways. We will be doing a demonstration in our Kean University class room this week. If you do get one working, it would be a good idea to share your alchemy success here in this blog (and that counts!)

First Alchemy With Cooking With Anger

So we are “visiting” this week with a group of people doing a “netprov” called Cooking with Anger

The site is quirky, a bit ugly, but don’t let that throw you

We have asked that all Alchemists create an account on the site (try to put the word “kean” in the notes field so they know you are with us). The site gives out “baskets” of ingredients, and you are all requested to post a “dish” or a story of 300 words or less that include all ingredients.

Look already we have:

This first one is a warm up, but it definitely counts towards your Arganee health, as does adding comments, and getting views on your story. All your participation shows up in your profile (check mine out!).

Whipping up some Recipes, Arganee Alchemy Style

When Kean University alchemisys gather together this Wednesday (under the rise of the Pink Moon), we will whip up some magical recipes together. You have already cooked as individuals, but this time, you will combine forces.

#Arganee will play the Cooking With Anger #netprov by breaking up into small groups for some recipe-making by alchemy “class” (Open participants are invited to work as their own group).

Artists will work with artists, imagineers will work with imagineers, remixers will work with remixers, performers will work with performers. So find your alchemy #arganee team, converge in your own imaginary kitchens, and get to work together whipping up your special Master Chef recipe!

From the Basket Picker use the Master Chef tab on the Cooking With Anger website. This will yield a potpourri of random of ingredients for you to incorporate into your own special recipe/story.

Remember, your recipe is a digital media story. It should be a blend of text, images, sound, video, etc (the more media you use the better your Health Board point payoff). It is a co-authored act of alchemy.

If there is a bit of magic in it, there will be a kind of transmutation in it. We hope to savor the transformative quality of your recipe/story. Does your Master Chef recipe lead others to understand something differently? Does it shift realities or convert, mutate, or reconstruct something in new light?

Working together takes particular skills: collaboration, sharing of vision and talent, division of labor, and negotiation. M Prophetissima knows that such work takes some organizing (project management), and she suggests the development of a clear plan and timeline for production to get your recipe completed on time and posted on both #Arganee and the CWA site (cross-post please). Recipes should be posted by Monday, April 17th.

You will start your work under the rising Pink Moon on Wednesday (in class), but you might need to prepare together beyond our Wednesday gathering. It is up to your kitchen team to determine together the best implementation plan (timeline and division of labor).

To alchemical stories that transform!!
Bon ap·pé·tit!

Go Forth and Make Alchemy!

Let’s show these other goaafy cooks how good we are at cooking up stories! And stay tuned, because next week we will be taking them on in a live challenge.

Remember to post notes, your own messages to this blog on your progress. It all counts towards the Health Board.

Featured Image: “Munich – Deutsches Museum – 07-9637” Wikimedia Commons photo © Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar / CC BY-SA 3.0

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