Mission IV: Transform Slacktivism to Activism

This mission is the last of #arganee for now, but should not be your last at all. There is no “over” in #arganee or #netnarr; “Over” is a concept that we declare null and void.

Parody Memes

We start with a quick return to last week’s work on Counter Narratives

We ask that you look at some other issue in the news, or your world, heck maybe just parking, and create a meme message that explores an alternative to the norm perspective on it (as we have done with Pepsi). What can you convey or transform or draw attention with the simple combination of a photo and big text?

What’s yours?

From Slacktivism to Activism

noun informal

  actions performed via the Internet in support of a 
  political or social cause  but regarded as requiring 
  little time or involvement, e.g., signing an online 
  petition or joining a campaign group on a social 
  media website.

The illusion that online activity in social media has an impact in the world, how true/false or somewhere in between is that? If you seek definitions, you can find plenty written about Slacktivism or Clicktivism

As we experimented last week with parody it is easy (and truly fun) to make fun of so-called Slacktivists

Thank you, Scott!

But does this mean we dismiss the potential of online activism? Here are some recommendations to dig in more:

Do you know of more? Tweet them out, by all means.

On Wednesday, April 26 starting around 6:00PM EDT the Kean University Digital Alchemists are leading a twitter chat to answer this question- How can Digital Alchemy Be a Part of Converting Slacktivism to Activism? with these potential questions”

  • Share a time when you were a slacktivist (we’ve all likely done it once) (today)
  • Do you know when/if online activism has resulted in real change? (e.g. Arab Spring?)
  • How do you know if online activism has an impact?
  • How can the digital alchemy we have learned be used for effective online activism?

The #Arganee Transformation

For this week, your writing task on this blog is to write a letter, to your “friend” on the other side, the Earth-World. This is the transformation of what you have learned in #Arganee that can help them. Tell them:

  • What have you learned?
  • What did not work?
  • What are the ways digital alchemy can help improve the world, any world?

Featured Image “Activism or SLACtivism” from a Ravishly post: Slacktivism: When Your Activism Isn’t Really Activism

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