First Message

You have arrived in #arganee. Just by achieving this step, by being able to read these words, you are proving your intellect and valor. Now it is time for us to explain what will happen here, why we called you here. Are you prepared?

I and M. Prophetissima are not of your world. Where we are from is  bit beyond our abilities to explain and the physics are a bit beyond your perception. But you can understand that while there are different worlds, they are connected by energy, and thus, certain independencies.

We have been studying your world for centuries, and despite the illogic of much of it, the core human nature is something of huge potential, for your world and others. But within the recent past, peaks of violence, hatred, greed, corruption, unfairness, death have been generating above tolerable negative energies that are now affecting our world. You might say it is the equivalent of becoming hard for us to breathe. We are beings of energy.

While we can research and tap into the electronic networks of your world, the dimensional laws restrict us from acting in your world. So we can only encourage humans to act. Thus we sought you.


Bear with us as our means of communication are very different from yours. We do not “speak” in a form your receptors can process. For some time we attempted to intercept your instructors videos hoping to appear in their form. This had not been done before, and while we achieved some technical success, our message has not been fully understood.

But there is a common “language” of worlds of mathematics, which apparently only a few percentage of humans appreciate, but also narrative. That is how we discovered the Networked Narratives class. We can “speak” to each other via media and story.

Thus we created this “mirror” world place for us to communicate to you. It is, as you might say, a “blank slate”, a “clean room”, an alchemy laboratory. It has no form or space, Yet. That means it is for you, open to potentials not achievable elsewhere.

We have missions for you, that will help you and us. By assuming alchemy identities here, which are both reflections and extensions of your own selves, your alchemy-selves are able to experiment in narrative making in a place free of normal constraints.

The ways into here must be coded. That is the reason for the “games” and “paths.” While you should not be concerned by the idea of enemies, in our world, like yours, there are negative forces which are threatened by our work. Like your world, there are beings who selfishly profit from creating fear and doubt in good natured beings who care for each other.

Therefore, you must work in your world under your alchemy identity. If you reveal a direct path here, it may no longer continue to exist. The forces holding it together can be weakened.  You can describe what you are learning in the “outside” but keep confidential the keys to arganee.  And unfortunately, there are but “four” of your time units called “weeks” to work through these challenges.

Finally, this will only work if each one of you lifts and aids each other. We have seen signs of that in you already, which is why we are creating this opening.

If you are ready and willing, continue to Arganee Mission One.

signed, sealed,

Rebeg and M.

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