Third Message

That was the right can… how did it taste? How smooth is Pepsi as a beverage? Does it carry other flavors, bitter after tastes, unsettling acids bubbling inside your stomach? Is it an elixir or something else?

But we are not here to quibble about soft drinks. You should have gotten a sense of that from the video that led you here.

Your digital alchemy skills are still needed to boost the health of arganee. Remember, it’s all about what you create, not what you don’t create. This week’s mission takes you inside a world where the truth you will try n like a cloak, is not one others necessarily wear. It’s not about lying, it’s about what happens when you examine a different narrative than most others are following. Are you ready? It is time for your mission

Featured Image: photo from pizabay placed into the public domain using CC0

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