Thank-Words to Goaafy-Friend

Antler-Cervid Katherine,

I have been learn-much, growth-make in New Garden Territory visit.  You have been give-kind.  Compassion-much to unknown Chimera alchemist.  Soft-long-chair with blanket, rectangle-rasp for horn-groom, food for gut-void.  Engine-wheels for travel to university.  Mercy for computer use-wrong. Laughter-bouquet from error, not strike-fire or growl-teeth.  TEA.

You and colleagues have been light-splash for alchemist mind. Not all goaafy are ignorance-bite, howl-dark, brick-soul.  Some are compassion-have.  Some have smart-much.  Some goaafy are deep-care for Arganee, for own world too.  Balance-hope from you all.  World-medicine from bright minds.  I am understanding-receive Arganee alchemists have been haste-condemn to goaafy, like Alchemist-Humans to Alchemist-Chimeras in yesterday-decade. Wrong.  I am repentance-make.  Please grace.

You are embrace-receive.  Gratitude-receive, gratitude-FLOOD!  Open arms to you, friend, to all goaafy-colleagues if you are future disembark-make in Arganee.


Tycho Limecinder

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