From Avicia

Dear human,

My time in your world has been an experience that I was not prepared for. Before I left my world, I was told that I would be surprised by the conditions of Earth– not that the people were bad, per say, but that they were in a state of turmoil. I can see this now, and I understand your human condition much deeper than I expected to.

I expected to find problems that were easier to solve. Instead I, and the other alchemists, found out that our magical abilities are deeply limited when it comes to changing human hearts. Some of your kind have hearts made of stone, and no amount of magical abilities can change something that is so dead set on anger and hate. These problems grow deeper as it becomes evident that peace no longer appears to solve your dilemmas, and more fighting breaks out every day.

However, Earthlings, I do not believe you are beyond help. I believe that your discussions are valid and your search for justice may be rewarded in time. I believe that through kindness, love, and acceptance, the stoniest hearts may be softened. That is the kind of alchemy I was not prepared to use on this trip, the alchemy of kindness, of human emotion. We have a saying on my planet that translates to English something like, “Even small drops fill a bucket.” That is to say, even small acts of kindness will build up.

Your media lies to you, and blows facts out of proportion. “Fake news,” and “bad news” sell, they sell lies to you ever day. If nothing else, believe me that all hope is not lost. Your seemingly fragmented society may be brought back one day– if I learned nothing else in visiting your classroom and “networking” in your chats, I learned that.

The alchemists will always be here, observing. Remember us.


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