ya govoryu #arganee

privyet! you can all me Ketsunya— nothing more, nothing less, da?

you all don’t need to know where i’m from, just know i work in a humble little lab with my cat. she’s very curious, maybe will pop up from time to time— serves a lot of my inspiration and sheds a lot. i’ll find a black hair or two occasionally even in my thoughts. she also does not like limes, funny enough, which i find to be the perfect ingredient in a lot of the— how do you say— work, i do. nyu ladno.

i love to write and create, da, but i also love to reimagine art and ideas. mixing different things together to make something new, a fresh vision (remember, add that pinch of lime juice for that edge!). i’m not the best at communicating, but i will try— at least, try through universal tongue of #arganee and art (^• ω •^)

for any of my curious alchemists, this is only other thing i will disclose:

this is all for now, comrades! xaxaxa, follow and talk to me here. until next time, dasvedanya!

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