Jrypbzr #arganee


Welcome alchemists.  We have been waiting your arrival.  And we are poised to make some magic in these next few weeks.  We will make new stories, new pictures, new rhythms, new poems, new friends. We will make new puzzles and solve them together.

Did you know, Opposites attract. And likes repel. These two fundamental principles of charge interactions are at the heart of our wellness-crisis in #Arganee.

…For I am a sentient being who craves the pleasant results of Structure and Order.  …But alas, my partner Rebeg revels in Chaos.

Order, sometimes called Law, is associated with civilization, authority, rules, protection, the status quo, tradition, and, when stretched to its extreme, mindless obedience to the law.   Chaos is associated with change, tricksters, free will, creativity, individualism, and, to the extreme, madness, savagery, solipsism, and selfish overindulgence.

Help us formulate our balance here in #arganee.  Yes, we need to find a magical blend of these impulses in order to heal #arganee.  Your own alchemy, your transmutations, will certainly enlighten us.



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