I Have a Card, Therefore I Exist

You know me. Or do you?

My visual skills are a strong 9, as I am a Photoshop Ninja, and the next strong one is audio, because I can mix and cut with the best. My writing (4) and social (2, I am an introvert) are my growth skills.

But I gladly wear a class of Remixer, one of the most powerful forms of experience. You have seen the documentary, no?

Say hey?

2 Replies to “I Have a Card, Therefore I Exist”

  1. Oh Remixer, Greetings from a classmate of Performer. You are the evolutionaries of creations. Without the previous, the improved could not exist. Cheers to Tinkering Surfaces, Cheers to the New & Imagined. Signing off, JoWest

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