To: Richonda (Watashi no yūjin)

My time with you has been invaluable, Richonda. You teach me that word : ). I have learned so much from you. I do feel Arganee and goaafy world can learn from each other.

Communication and collaboration are important. Open your mind to view new things and to see other people in a way unalike what you’d normally witness.

Just know, friend, that there are different colors of this world. All colors can come together, but each in their own unique way. Not everyone will understand you, but you can make a difference. With any shadowed area, there is a lighted arena next door. What you do to unlock that arena matters.

This is for you:

There are lost worlds all around us,

light in the crawlspaces of our eyes.

Minds knead together, resound

like choral ensembles

across the ether.


There is magic in the heart we share

There is calm in the eye of our souls

There is you in me–

me in you.


Richonda, always remember to take chaos and transform. You are my forever friend. Go forth and spread love.


-Oresia xoxo

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