Some Parody Banter

Everyone loves to laugh! Right? Well, I know I do.

My favorite show is Saturday Night Live. I love the new stuff, the old stuff. I’ll watch it in the morning, at night…. but never at dusk.

It’s nice watching it in my house because it’s cozy. I have a nice couch and I curl up with my family and we watch together. Lucky for me, I don’t live in a van down by the river!

This Saturday night, though, I couldn’t stay awake because I had a fever. But no cow bell. When I have a fever, the only cure is more cow bell.

It’s also so cool that it’s filmed live in New York. Because there’s so many people around! Manhattan is definitely not a Lonely Island.

My dad loves SNL. So does my boyfriend. When the two of them get together, they’re a bunch of wild and crazy guys!

The other night, I tried to watch SNL but my satellite was on the fritz. So I hopped up on the roof to fix it and I could have sworn I saw the OKO Tower and I thought…I can see Russia from my house!

But the worst is when they do reruns for like three weeks in a row…what’s up with that?

If you watch SNL as much as I do, you got all of my jokes. But on to the parody of this blog post.

This weekend, at the Penn State tailgate, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight! He’s always touching my stuff! So I decided to mess with his. He didn’t like it very much and we got into quite the argument! Luckily, someone saw what was going on and stepped in to help. Take a look….

Now wasn’t that lucky!

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  1. I love this!!! We should feel so lucky that we have people like Kendall who is able to solve these issues so quickly! Amazing!

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