More Political Incorrectness

In more trending social media activism vs. slacktivism African American hair and skin product Shea Moisture is in the news.  So in speaking of culture appropriation and things for those social media activists to be mad about. Below is the newest ad from Shea Moisture. The goafies on Twitter are pissed at them. I don’t know why they are. I’m not and not a single one of those models had pink hair.

But let me go back and give you the synopsis on what the issue could be. So on the company’s Facebook page it says this:

“When we started in 1992, there were very few companies focused on creating natural products for natural and textured hair needs. In fact, there were very few companies that even made an effort to understand and service your needs. We went from making natural hair and skin preparations that my grandmother, Sofi Tucker, sold in our village market in Sierra Leone to making and selling those same natural hair and skin preparations on the streets of Harlem. Over these years, we have overcome many challenges together as we’ve fought to make our products effective, affordable and accessible for you. As the natural movement has grown, many other companies, both large and small, have jumped on the bandwagon.”

Since its inception the company has marketed its project to African American men and women. In the more recent years the natural hair boom has exploded. Most of the women in Black America have given up the chemicals and chosen to wear their hair in a natural state.

One of the companies that was there to provide all of their natural hair care needs was Shea Moisture. If you check out their Instagram page their photos looked like this before the ad.

But now if you look you will see more images like this…

Clearly, you can see the shift coming. It was sprinkled all over their social media. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was coming. Either way, these images caused an uproar. Then the slacktivists started their fingers and created hashtags to start their movement against this company that they’d since been loyal to.

The blow back has since died down or people have moved on because just last night at they were one of the sponsors for the Wearable Art event in LA.  I guess the slacktivists are over it and now its business as usual.


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