Letter to Anna Bella

Dear Anna Bella,

I’m so glad I found you and you found me. This was so destined to be. I’ve been searching for answers and you have been too. But perhaps the secrets of the universe aren’t meant for us to know.

I like how you hide yourself so craftily. Your pictures show you mainly in shadows are really faded away. I do wonder if there’s something you’re hiding from. Did you do something bad? Are you on the run or something? I don’t know but in my world everyone is free to be themselves with no worrying about being judged. In your world you seem to be getting to the point we are at but there is still a lot of predominant fear alive therein.

You seem to be fairly disciplined too. I see how you love doing digital alchemy tweets on a regular basis and enjoy playing with the different tools like Hypothesis and Audacity. I’m not much of a fan of trying new stuff. I prefer to stick to the same routines or things I’m used to. But maybe I’ll become like you someday and try to learn things that I don’t think I can ever be fully good at.

The Arganee world is really cool. I have a whole new set of friends and the most awesome part is we never met before but it feels so much like home. We all seem to think similarly and meditate on how we can all make a difference in all worlds throughout the galaxies and many universes. I’ll never forget this experience and I’m glad I can call you my very best Alchemist friend.

Anna Bella

My earth friend

She is in the shadow of my shadow



Dianna Levi

2 Replies to “Letter to Anna Bella”

  1. There is a lot to like about that Anna Bella, I must agree.

    I just had to say how much I love reading what could be a one line poetic tagline for this #arganee/#netnarr place:

    She is in the shadow of my shadow

    Wow, thanks for that.

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