I Am Hearing Music of the Universe


This is what I heard as I listened skyward.

The next day, I heard this:

I will keep listening. I believe the Universe is singing songs of Alchemy.

–Pensato Scherzando

4 Replies to “I Am Hearing Music of the Universe”

  1. It would do us all well to listen. To the universe. To each other. To all that magic.

    I will try to listen as well as I’ve asked others to. Methinks, that is all we can do at this stage of the game.


    1. Yes, together we will listen, and piece together the puzzle of the Universe, and of Arganee itself. I am grateful that you are here, too.

    2. Oh absolutely well indeed. Listening to the Universe teaches us of dreams. Cheers to listening together! Signing off, JoWest

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