Days of Sun-Warm, Not-Same, and Tea

I have much smiling and much shivering this week, but the shivering is not from snow-cold.  Truth: the sky and ground have nature-warmth of much pleasure!  Many colors (yellow, green, white, pink) from newborn plant-dress.   The shivering is from excited and still-fear.  New Garden Territory is not-same to Arganee.  Many humans.  Much bright-noise and machines on long flat blend-rock.  Humans in New Garden Territory do not have as much growl-teeth to chimeras.  Instead, they make growl-teeth and hate-roar to each other!  Very not-same to Arganee!  Not species-fight, but race-, affinity-, circumstance-, know-, value-fight.  No wonder we have sick-scales and wobble-order in Arganee.  So strange!

I have now human friend in New Garden Territory!  Truth: reality-solid although probable-small.  Friend helps with wander-right and act-safe.  Also with click-write and “Internet.”  Friend makes hear-words and type-words smoother than me, so equal-changes my type-words sometimes, like in Internet-doing, Cooking with Anger.  Here at “blog” and at “Twitter” I write with self only.  Many remorse for language-frown.  English is new; Chimera language is very, VERY not-same.

At Cooking with Anger, Friend and I click-wrote story about tragedy human with strange job!  He is Bolivia “cebrita”! Read on Bolivia cebritas here:

Addition-make to smiling in New Garden Territory is tea.  So much tea!  All full-good!  Not-same colors and flavors from Arganee.  I have object-embrace with tea for duration-live, but New Garden Territory tea is top-best. At Twitter, I have wish to make type-words and light-draw about tea.

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