allo hailey!

right now, i am scrambling to find moy kat and hurry back to do… important magic things. you do not need to know what, but the black winds beckon me. i will say this – thank you for letting me learn of your goaafy world. i feel like i know way too much about carbonated product, but it may be useful later… maybe it might make good potion, da? xaxa, we shall see, we shall see, comrade.

i think best part of looking into your world was the other great alchemists who inhabit it with you! such talent, such artistry – we alchemists from arganee are impressed, and there will be much talk for a long time after about the things we have observed from you all.

ah, i found that note i had made for you! yes, it is quick scribbles, but i hope you enjoy small poem, da? we will all still be in touch, just a memory away… if you ever need to find your way back to the mirror world again, i hear there is a certain knife floating around that can turn that apple in your hand to a very precious doorway. (;



until then, dasvedanyah!

with lubov,


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