Being Born Again is Good

Finally, I was set free after being trapped away by someone I thought was my friend it is once again my time to shine. And shining is what I do best. I admit that when I was here last I was a little out of control and out of my mind- but I am an artist. I live free. By any means. There are no boundaries and if feel like I need to wear my clothes a certain way and wear my hair pink then that is my right.

It’s funny though, when I was here last I was put in a cage because I loved to tag. Man, New York City was the place to be in the late 70’s and 80’s. Don’t let my birth date fool you. I am both older and younger than I look. Anyway, I used to tag up the building and the walls in the Bronx while B-boys did their dance to the base line laid down by DJs like GrandMaster Flash and Cool Herc. That was a time to be alive. When you art could get you arrested because society didn’t understand my creativity. I created the setting to the music that created the sound that brought forth the revolution.

And now I’m back. Where I’ve been is a story for another day. But What I have learned that much like when I left the country is run by a movie star that is looking to stop the revolution. I may not be able to create for long.

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  1. I wonder what graffiti looks like when the starscape is your canvas? How far can you see? How far can you paint? And what message would you leave for the Universe to read?

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