I enjoyed doing the master chef activity just like I enjoyed doing the practice. I worked with several people including my new friend @QuaneshaSB. I really enjoyed hearing her read my piece of the story so I decided to let her read my part for me. She reads it like she actually wrote it.

Things did not go exactly as planned, but I am proud to say it is completed. I proved I am friendly.

3 Replies to “Reflection”

  1. It’s a good idea to be friendly with the goaafy you interact with. While they are not as deft or wise as alchemists, they do have merits. We like the spirit and pure energy that radiates from that @QuaneshaSB

  2. A reader who reads words like the writer wrote the words is indeed a gift. A writer who writes words that a reader reads like they were written is the other side of the coin, just as magical. When the reader reads words the writer did not write … that is the Universe calling.

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