To: Richonda (Watashi no yūjin)

My time with you has been invaluable, Richonda. You teach me that word : ). I have learned so much from you. I do feel Arganee and goaafy world can learn from each other.

Communication and collaboration are important. Open your mind to view new things and to see other people in a way unalike what you’d normally witness.

Just know, friend, that there are different colors of this world. All colors can come together, but each in their own unique way. Not everyone will understand you, but you can make a difference. With any shadowed area, there is a lighted arena next door. What you do to unlock that arena matters.

This is for you:

There are lost worlds all around us,

light in the crawlspaces of our eyes.

Minds knead together, resound

like choral ensembles

across the ether.


There is magic in the heart we share

There is calm in the eye of our souls

There is you in me–

me in you.


Richonda, always remember to take chaos and transform. You are my forever friend. Go forth and spread love.


-Oresia xoxo

Open It

Hi Quanesha,

I feel like you already know majority of what I’m about to say. But, I want to put my writing skills to use and write what I have told you. As you know, I learned a storytelling tool called storyjumper that has made a story I contributed to and possibly will make my stories in the future more captivating. Next, I learned I can and have stretched myself to be more creative than what I already am.

You know I am social, but I learned how to adjust and not just communicate with people in arganee that have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses other than my own. I learned how to make things work.

I feel/learned digital alchemy gives you the opportunity to be creative and creativity has often been the catalyst to change our world.

Your Friend,


[1] there are such things ….

[1] there are such things …

your patient whisper, a

gentle breeze on the hairs of my throat.

trickling desires onto my clavicles’ thin skin.

my neck –

swallows …

heavy gulps, then

eyes set — ( widened )

they blink and they flutter.

pulsating chest, in

collaboration with

rhythmic pulls of gravity

that holds onto the blue lines of my arms.

air gaspings while in the zone, exchanging

each other’s breath.

a pretzeling collective of 4 arms, reminding

one another of their strength in lockdom.

there are such things. 

Dear Wanderer_920 (aka Laura),

This world you inhabit is beautiful, amazing and complex.  It seems as though your species has come to a pivotal moment in your evolutionary journey.  The collective you have decisions to make about what happens next. The technology your people have developed holds much power.  The virtual worlds you create are mirrors.  Look closely.  They reflect your input.  At times when you are not pleased with what you see, know you have the power to change.  It’s not as complicated as you might think.  Just change the input.  You can change anything.  

When I look back on the history of your civilization I am awed by all you have accomplished- without the use of sophisticated technology networks.  If you have been able to achieve and change so much already, think about what is possible.  Anything is the answer.  Believe this.  Know this.  Spread this knowledge. Live this thought.  

You have become more aware. That is a start. Continue down that path. Your mind is a powerful network.  When you put many networks of minds together, you create a network of unstoppable force.  

Bye for now,

Laurus Vagus Ambigo

Find New Worlds with Compassion and Kindness


Dear Mirrored Self,

I am still of the Universe. So you are, too. You must remember this. Always.

Although I was formed in a blink of an eye, from some unknown origin, my genetical composition and my remix-able Self are firmly rooted in YOU. I am of YOU as much as I am of the Universe. Therefore, logic dictates that YOU, too, are of the Universe. We are One, if not the Other.

I’ve noticed you watching me, listening in to the sounds. That is good. In some ways, you have been the inspiration, the lone audience in a crowded world.

While much of what we heard remains a mystery, so too does this life we live.  Who is to say what is real and what is imaginary, and what falls between those two? Still, we must Listen. Always listen. Not just to the sounds, but to others.

As I parse through the data from the Sound Collection Array, I often wonder at the others in the Universe, those whose voices I am NOT hearing. Whose Muse has been marginalized? Whose songs are not being sung?

So, too, my Mirrored Self, must you be aware and cognizant of the arbitrary filters of our World, and of those Worlds we can see, and hear, and not see, nor hear. All of these places form the fabric of our shared existence, and we all owe it to each other to look out for one another, to reach out a hand when the Black Hole of Despair appears. As it will. For that is the way of the Universe. What is important is what happens when it arrives. I won’t let you fall if you won’t let me fall if we won’t let others fall. We have a responsibility to each other. All of us.

My time here is both of this moment and ever-lasting. For I am a reflection of you, and us, and everyone.

Remain curious. Keep an open mind. The Sound Collection Array that has helped me hear, if not always understand, the Universe is a construct of my mind. But I have shared that with you. You helped me build what I needed to listen, and that is a gift I give back to you.

Remember: We built the array out of compassion, and kindness, and openness, and connectedness. I leave you with this final transmission from the Universe. May its melody follow you into the future.

Until our Mirrors shine again, I am forever part of you.