From Avicia

Dear human,

My time in your world has been an experience that I was not prepared for. Before I left my world, I was told that I would be surprised by the conditions of Earth– not that the people were bad, per say, but that they were in a state of turmoil. I can see this now, and I understand your human condition much deeper than I expected to.

I expected to find problems that were easier to solve. Instead I, and the other alchemists, found out that our magical abilities are deeply limited when it comes to changing human hearts. Some of your kind have hearts made of stone, and no amount of magical abilities can change something that is so dead set on anger and hate. These problems grow deeper as it becomes evident that peace no longer appears to solve your dilemmas, and more fighting breaks out every day.

However, Earthlings, I do not believe you are beyond help. I believe that your discussions are valid and your search for justice may be rewarded in time. I believe that through kindness, love, and acceptance, the stoniest hearts may be softened. That is the kind of alchemy I was not prepared to use on this trip, the alchemy of kindness, of human emotion. We have a saying on my planet that translates to English something like, “Even small drops fill a bucket.” That is to say, even small acts of kindness will build up.

Your media lies to you, and blows facts out of proportion. “Fake news,” and “bad news” sell, they sell lies to you ever day. If nothing else, believe me that all hope is not lost. Your seemingly fragmented society may be brought back one day– if I learned nothing else in visiting your classroom and “networking” in your chats, I learned that.

The alchemists will always be here, observing. Remember us.


A Goodbye (For Now)

My goaafy friend,

I am writing to tell you that I am thankful for your help.  Rebeg contacted me and the other alchemists to tell us the results of our mission.  It turns out that everybody survived and the planet is thriving.  Thanks to your contributions, arganee has new connections and knowledge.

I visited Earth the other day and decided to travel around. Yesterday I flew in that flying metal bird you call a plane.  Looks like some futuristic torture device, made to break a human’s mind.  I sat there for 6 hours to end up in the wrong place.  Isn’t Tokyo in the Bronx?  I ended up in some strange place called New York City in Europe.  And then when I tried to get to Kean University for the party, I ended up in Cambridge.  

Rebeg contacted me and said that there is a rip in the time continuum.  I don’t know where it is, but hopefully in a more hidden place than last time.  It supposedly is a direct gateway from arganee to Earth.  The last gate was the reason why arganee became “explosive.”

Tomorrow I am going to collect a box of Earth items and traditions to take home with me.  Hopefully they will be beneficial on our kind.  I like that game you play.  It is called Team Fortress 2, right?

Your world is strange, but has a good vibe.  You and your other goaafy friends will be remembered as heroes (I think. I have to wait for M’s approval).  I have to say goodbye now.  Arganee needs me.  But I will see you soon.  Peace out!


From your magical friend,

Aris Anastos


allo hailey!

right now, i am scrambling to find moy kat and hurry back to do… important magic things. you do not need to know what, but the black winds beckon me. i will say this – thank you for letting me learn of your goaafy world. i feel like i know way too much about carbonated product, but it may be useful later… maybe it might make good potion, da? xaxa, we shall see, we shall see, comrade.

i think best part of looking into your world was the other great alchemists who inhabit it with you! such talent, such artistry – we alchemists from arganee are impressed, and there will be much talk for a long time after about the things we have observed from you all.

ah, i found that note i had made for you! yes, it is quick scribbles, but i hope you enjoy small poem, da? we will all still be in touch, just a memory away… if you ever need to find your way back to the mirror world again, i hear there is a certain knife floating around that can turn that apple in your hand to a very precious doorway. (;



until then, dasvedanyah!

with lubov,


[10] left out West …

left out West …


well, I took the land,

like pests with no rest.

The blessings of my mother’s nature,

helped access

my inner stride, in well accordance with heartbeat’s thump.

What I am to tell you,

I’m not quite sure the ending.

I see it’s llght though.

The next move, had to contemplate like Chess, move.

The pale blush fingers of dawn new sky, I had to.

Follow, the lawn. The great lawn. Did, and passed a fawn.

Sipping by the whirlwinds of Texas drilling pelicans, not. Deer, I do see on your campus. Nameth, Kean University.

Ah but …

Let me tell you this,  ‘time I

left out West …



Uvri Rcztzr-Irv,

Uvri Rcztzr-Irv,

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To: Richonda (Watashi no yūjin)

My time with you has been invaluable, Richonda. You teach me that word : ). I have learned so much from you. I do feel Arganee and goaafy world can learn from each other.

Communication and collaboration are important. Open your mind to view new things and to see other people in a way unalike what you’d normally witness.

Just know, friend, that there are different colors of this world. All colors can come together, but each in their own unique way. Not everyone will understand you, but you can make a difference. With any shadowed area, there is a lighted arena next door. What you do to unlock that arena matters.

This is for you:

There are lost worlds all around us,

light in the crawlspaces of our eyes.

Minds knead together, resound

like choral ensembles

across the ether.


There is magic in the heart we share

There is calm in the eye of our souls

There is you in me–

me in you.


Richonda, always remember to take chaos and transform. You are my forever friend. Go forth and spread love.


-Oresia xoxo

a hello and a goodbye

Dearest Masooch,

You are weird. You live for fictional characters and people you may never meet. You think in Shakespearean (thank you for introducing me to your world’s playwrights, by the way, marvelous stuff) and lyric but clam up in public. You observe and calculate and drift and obsess and stretch yourself thin. I honestly have no idea how you manage… everything. I reiterate: you are weird, but I am glad I found you. Approached you? Appeared? I can’t recall exactly how it happened–it would seem my memory is as good as yours. And yours is pretty bad.

I have learned as much about your world as I would care to. Truth be told, it’s wild. Your leader resembles an overripened orange. Specifically, where I’m from in my universe, politics are simple, just. Yours are a freak show. No offense. I don’t think I’ll take mine for granted anymore. But I digress.

Do I regret not speaking out more to my fellow alchemists? To the others of your world? To you? Perhaps. I’m not one for speaking first (A sentiment which we seem to share.) which makes this whole month-long encounter all the stranger. Why was I compelled to talk to you of all people? Well, that I don’t know either. Honestly I could have just slipped back into my world, and almost did, but…

There’s a magic to your world, one that’s… simpler, more subtle, than that which is in mine. It was intriguing, upon first encounter. Where mine is tangible, visible, arbitrary but moldable, alchemical (ha) yours is… in things. In yourselves. A kind of power that I want to learn more about but… yeah, I’m too lazy, to be honest. Chalk it up to mysteries of the multiverse. It’s weird. You’re weird.

Take care, weirdo. It was good to know you. I’ll try to keep in touch. If I don’t forget.


Reflections & Regrets

Dear MrsJayJ,

This has been quite the experience. It felt good to be let out of the matrix I resided in for way to long. It only took 30 years for someone to unlock the code and release me onto the world once more. The world is different. But very familiar. While things like the internet, social media and cell phones are new to you goafies. Us alchemists have been privy  to these magical devices. So I’m glad you finally caught up.

It was nice to interact with so many goafies and not have to be different. Now that was new. You people seem to be much more open to change, independent thought and the idea that not everyone is or should be the same. Well, at least that is what I thought based on the hashtags I followed on Twitter. But then you people went and elected Donald Trump as your 45th president. I don’t think you did MrsJayJ but people did  and well, you  have this. That is insane.

So if ever there was a time to be around this is it now. I like it I am free to create and remix and perform when I necessary. This is the time. Years from now people in the history books will read about this time. Being here at this time will mean something. If you do something. If you don’t, you may live to regret it. I don’t want to regret anything. I am an activist.  Now, hear me roar!

Power to the people that are brave enough to join this fight.

Xe Zenobia

Open It

Hi Quanesha,

I feel like you already know majority of what I’m about to say. But, I want to put my writing skills to use and write what I have told you. As you know, I learned a storytelling tool called storyjumper that has made a story I contributed to and possibly will make my stories in the future more captivating. Next, I learned I can and have stretched myself to be more creative than what I already am.

You know I am social, but I learned how to adjust and not just communicate with people in arganee that have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses other than my own. I learned how to make things work.

I feel/learned digital alchemy gives you the opportunity to be creative and creativity has often been the catalyst to change our world.

Your Friend,


Thank-Words to Goaafy-Friend

Antler-Cervid Katherine,

I have been learn-much, growth-make in New Garden Territory visit.  You have been give-kind.  Compassion-much to unknown Chimera alchemist.  Soft-long-chair with blanket, rectangle-rasp for horn-groom, food for gut-void.  Engine-wheels for travel to university.  Mercy for computer use-wrong. Laughter-bouquet from error, not strike-fire or growl-teeth.  TEA.

You and colleagues have been light-splash for alchemist mind. Not all goaafy are ignorance-bite, howl-dark, brick-soul.  Some are compassion-have.  Some have smart-much.  Some goaafy are deep-care for Arganee, for own world too.  Balance-hope from you all.  World-medicine from bright minds.  I am understanding-receive Arganee alchemists have been haste-condemn to goaafy, like Alchemist-Humans to Alchemist-Chimeras in yesterday-decade. Wrong.  I am repentance-make.  Please grace.

You are embrace-receive.  Gratitude-receive, gratitude-FLOOD!  Open arms to you, friend, to all goaafy-colleagues if you are future disembark-make in Arganee.


Tycho Limecinder