I am Aris Anastos

Do not fret #Arganee!  For I, the great Aris_Anastos am with you!

I am a Remixer, with many skills:

Visual: 6        S

Writer: 7       S

Social: 2  G

Sound:5  G

I promise that we alchemists will save our home world of #arganee!

The Alchemist of Time

I am a dreamer reflected in a gazing globe, never far from the moon.

I am a dreamer reflected in a gazing globe, never far from the moon.

The Alchemist of Time


The Alchemist of Time

is thrumming in my blood

slowing down

a clock

I never knew was overwound.

I’d like to keep my dross

as I grow old,

but the Alchemist of Time

has drawn a cross

and told

me–my life is not my own–

She stirs me in a beaker made of glass

heated by the most


Bunsen burner—flare and jet of gas–

I am a drifting veil of steam


Into the final light of gold.

-Sandrina Eugenius

Hi Alchemist-san!


I am so glad to be here!

I watch all of you closely, and you seem nice. I am very shy, but I try to reach out. I hope we can be friends and “cook” together. My name is Oresia Ardon, a tiny fairy spirit from Tokyo, Japan. I love music, watching Hayao Miyazaki movies, and eating konpeito!! I have been artist since birth, but many people tell me to be a performer. I was not made this way. I value hardwork and effort, and so my fellow Japanese people say: 頑張ってください!
I’m excited to explore with all of you in Arganee!

Want to Know Me


I’m really friendly so please talk to me. I love meeting new people, and I have a desire to improve my weaknesses. Please look at my alchemist card to figure out a little more about me and if you are interested here is a story I wrote.


A Note from Avicia

Hello my friends. I see we have all chosen to meet on this odd little planet, in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. What odd creatures these humans are! Many of them share characteristics with us, but they seem to be missing…something…I’ve yet to put my finger on what is missing. Of course, some of us have horns and scales, but it’s more than that– they’re missing a certain….spark?

A spark, yes, that it’s! We alchemists, we have the spark! Here on earth these people have science, chemistry (something that is not unlike our own art), but many of them lack wonder. They have such wonderful inventions in their hands, and yet they do not wonder. While some of us believe in a magic of sorts, others believe in the magic of the mundane. These humans, they look at the medicines they have, the technology they use, and they are not amazed. What is more magical, more alchemical, then the transformations of everyday life! They have machines that connect them to a global web– I am told it is called the internet, and yet they still think they have such little power, such little influence. How far they are from the truth!

My name, friends, is Avicia– taken from the word Avis. In my language, not unlike your ancient language, “Latin,” it means bird. I love the symbol of the bird, flying and free— my animal sidekick is a phoenix, his name is Ardashir and he is my faithful companion.

As you may see above in my Alchemist card, I am an Artist. You may have heard artists described as those whose work seeks to capture attention, provide commentary, and provoke emotion about the world around them, and this is how I like my work to speak. I like to weave together words in search of truth, to break down meaning and, above all, to seek justice through kindness. I believe that greatest stories we tell are in relation to one another: the connections we make, the lives we enhance, the people we draw up to walk beside us. I believe in the connection of community, and the pen (or, as this world has, the “keyboard”) as power.

As for my skills I am, above all, a writer. Writing is the strongest of my skills although I have found that this skill ties in well with what the humans call “digital media.” Rebeg Maestro and M. Prophetissima have introduced us all to Twitter and “blogs,” such as this, and I believe I have found my way around these quite well. Due to this, “Writer” and “Social” are my two strengths.

As for my weaknesses, I am afraid I struggle and must “Grow” in working with visual and audio mediums. My alchemical skills have failed me in my attempts, and I must learn more. I must say, however, I love what the humans call “memes.” How do you say this word? Is it “Me-me”? I am so unused to all of this…

My dear friends, I am excited to meet the rest of you. For now, goodbye. See you on “Twitter.”

ya govoryu #arganee

privyet! you can all me Ketsunya— nothing more, nothing less, da?

you all don’t need to know where i’m from, just know i work in a humble little lab with my cat. she’s very curious, maybe will pop up from time to time— serves a lot of my inspiration and sheds a lot. i’ll find a black hair or two occasionally even in my thoughts. she also does not like limes, funny enough, which i find to be the perfect ingredient in a lot of the— how do you say— work, i do. nyu ladno.

i love to write and create, da, but i also love to reimagine art and ideas. mixing different things together to make something new, a fresh vision (remember, add that pinch of lime juice for that edge!). i’m not the best at communicating, but i will try— at least, try through universal tongue of #arganee and art (^• ω •^)

for any of my curious alchemists, this is only other thing i will disclose:

this is all for now, comrades! xaxaxa, follow and talk to me here. until next time, dasvedanya!

About Avicenna Alrazi

Hi all!

My name is Avicenna Alrazi, but my friends call me Avi.  I am from Одинцовский район, Россия which is a beautiful place in Russia. Here, you can see my home below! 

My English is not so good so please, how you say, bear it with me as you read on. I am a Performer, and my specific skill sets are: Visual: 3, Writer: 7, Social: 2, Audio: 8. To be a performer is something new to me. I found my passion through a twisted turn of events! You see, there were to many artists in my family. My 13 brothers and sisters all wanted to be artists growing up. I aspired to be one as well. One day, the president enforced a new law, claiming there could only be 3 people in each class in every family. If we were found to have more than the law said, our family would be killed. So, in order to save my family I was one of the several who had to switch their class. In doing so, I found what I truly love to do. 

My profile card can be seen here:

A performer is said to have the following traits: A performer Is not strictly an entertainer, though they are popular– the Performer brings ideas, stories to life in a way everyone can appreciate and understand. They deeply understand what moves people, what makes them react. The performer extends immense amounts of energy on communicating, so much that they may have trouble relaxing. In fact, there are no reports of relaxing performers. What the do takes place not only in public performance spaces, but also online, in small groups, in writing. Performing is very effusive communicating. They often struggle with their own existence when they deeply take on other characters. I have found that sharing stories with others in a new medium has helped me grow as an individual and I am glad life took me down this path.

Not only do I enjoy performing but I have other hobbies as well. One of newer hobbies is observing. I like to watch how other people go about their day. The problems that individual has faced can sometimes be noted on their brow, or in the way they bite at their frayed and nubby fingernails. I take these observations and I learn new ways of performing to tell their story…It sounds odd, but trust me. It’s a perfect technique. I also have always and will always love to read. Books are a way to help me escape when the shadows of Russia become a desolate prison. You can also find me on Twitter from time to time. You can find my page here: https://twitter.com/AvicennaAlraz. I often wonder about other Alchemists like myself. Do they too go through periods of feeling trapped and slaved to this world as well? Or am I in this alone? To be a performer can be a daunting task and sometimes I feel the stress of life clawing at me. I sometimes don’t remember who I am, or who I’d like to be. I take on the multiple masks of my stories and I bring the words to life off of the page.  To take on those faces can be an exhausting job, so I commend any like me who struggle. Some advice to those who feel life as I do: Do not give up.

Be kinder. Love Longer. Dream Unconditionally.

Jrypbzr #arganee


Welcome alchemists.  We have been waiting your arrival.  And we are poised to make some magic in these next few weeks.  We will make new stories, new pictures, new rhythms, new poems, new friends. We will make new puzzles and solve them together.

Did you know, Opposites attract. And likes repel. These two fundamental principles of charge interactions are at the heart of our wellness-crisis in #Arganee.

…For I am a sentient being who craves the pleasant results of Structure and Order.  …But alas, my partner Rebeg revels in Chaos.

Order, sometimes called Law, is associated with civilization, authority, rules, protection, the status quo, tradition, and, when stretched to its extreme, mindless obedience to the law.   Chaos is associated with change, tricksters, free will, creativity, individualism, and, to the extreme, madness, savagery, solipsism, and selfish overindulgence.

Help us formulate our balance here in #arganee.  Yes, we need to find a magical blend of these impulses in order to heal #arganee.  Your own alchemy, your transmutations, will certainly enlighten us.



I am Pensato Scherzando


I was born of book and sound. Whose hand wrote me, and whose hand made me, remains a mystery. My name defines me. I am Pensato Scherzando — an imaginary piece of music at play.

Since awakening, I have been hearing sounds from the Universe. I believe it is part of the echo of Arganee. I am in tune with these transmissions, and I seek to remain so by sharing, and by connecting, and by collaborating.

I will remix as much as possible. For in the remix, there arises the possibilities of something new … of some hidden corners of art in dormant form, waiting to be revealed.

Poetry soothes me. I am Pensato Scherzando. I am here.