Reflections & Regrets

Dear MrsJayJ,

This has been quite the experience. It felt good to be let out of the matrix I resided in for way to long. It only took 30 years for someone to unlock the code and release me onto the world once more. The world is different. But very familiar. While things like the internet, social media and cell phones are new to you goafies. Us alchemists have been privy  to these magical devices. So I’m glad you finally caught up.

It was nice to interact with so many goafies and not have to be different. Now that was new. You people seem to be much more open to change, independent thought and the idea that not everyone is or should be the same. Well, at least that is what I thought based on the hashtags I followed on Twitter. But then you people went and elected Donald Trump as your 45th president. I don’t think you did MrsJayJ but people did  and well, you  have this. That is insane.

So if ever there was a time to be around this is it now. I like it I am free to create and remix and perform when I necessary. This is the time. Years from now people in the history books will read about this time. Being here at this time will mean something. If you do something. If you don’t, you may live to regret it. I don’t want to regret anything. I am an activist.  Now, hear me roar!

Power to the people that are brave enough to join this fight.

Xe Zenobia

More Political Incorrectness

In more trending social media activism vs. slacktivism African American hair and skin product Shea Moisture is in the news.  So in speaking of culture appropriation and things for those social media activists to be mad about. Below is the newest ad from Shea Moisture. The goafies on Twitter are pissed at them. I don’t know why they are. I’m not and not a single one of those models had pink hair.

But let me go back and give you the synopsis on what the issue could be. So on the company’s Facebook page it says this:

“When we started in 1992, there were very few companies focused on creating natural products for natural and textured hair needs. In fact, there were very few companies that even made an effort to understand and service your needs. We went from making natural hair and skin preparations that my grandmother, Sofi Tucker, sold in our village market in Sierra Leone to making and selling those same natural hair and skin preparations on the streets of Harlem. Over these years, we have overcome many challenges together as we’ve fought to make our products effective, affordable and accessible for you. As the natural movement has grown, many other companies, both large and small, have jumped on the bandwagon.”

Since its inception the company has marketed its project to African American men and women. In the more recent years the natural hair boom has exploded. Most of the women in Black America have given up the chemicals and chosen to wear their hair in a natural state.

One of the companies that was there to provide all of their natural hair care needs was Shea Moisture. If you check out their Instagram page their photos looked like this before the ad.

But now if you look you will see more images like this…

Clearly, you can see the shift coming. It was sprinkled all over their social media. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was coming. Either way, these images caused an uproar. Then the slacktivists started their fingers and created hashtags to start their movement against this company that they’d since been loyal to.

The blow back has since died down or people have moved on because just last night at they were one of the sponsors for the Wearable Art event in LA.  I guess the slacktivists are over it and now its business as usual.


Going Against the Grain is Cool

I have a serious appreciation for Saturday Night Live. They get it. They understand that the world is not a place filled with nice people thinking nice thoughts all of the time. We are not politically correct all of the time and that is okay. Well, goafies don’t think its okay but us alchemist. We get it.

Let art live. Be funny and freeing and sometimes you get to get your point across. Well this week I got to have fun. SNL kind of fun with the whole controversy around the Pepsi commerical. Personally, I don’t see what the issue was. The Kardashian family exploits everything. Nothing is off limits and everything is up for grabs. And you know what, in a day and age were Donald Trump is your president that is par for the course. It is to be expected.

Listen, money makes the world go round. No matter how much we try to deny it –that’s the sad truth. So, in knowing this Pepsi capitalized off of the best way to go about this. Who cares if the there are some people that are going to protest against this. If anything they will do nothing but slacktivisim. It will trend on Twitter for the moment. But no one is taking this fight to the streets. So, why not drop a commercial that is destined to keep everything and their professors talking about Pepsi and their brand.

And since we are being honest, not many goafies even admit to drinking Pepsi they will all go grab a bottle of Aquafina (I hear Pepsi owns them) or another bottled water company. Either they we are talking about them and that is good for business. Getting banned is the new way to make your company stocks soar. And after the conversation that was had about this topic I  would be so inclined to buy a few shares. Too bad I am not motivated by such things– however, I can see the need for it.

Pepsi did what ever other company is trying to do, if you don’t believe me, check out the clip below from my friends over at SNL. Here’s a peek into a pitch meeting at an ad agency.

These are the times in which we live in. Either going ht program or step aside because the train is already off the tracks.

Becoming the Artist

Using the ingredients to back

Bots that create and speak my inner thoughts

Allow me to integrate the thoughts of today and yesterday

What is to come is still unknown but isn’t that the fun.

Recipes and mathematic proportions  bring me closer to my authentic self.

Alone is where I shine brightest but it was an experience to have to work in

chorus with my artistic sisters.



Being Born Again is Good

Finally, I was set free after being trapped away by someone I thought was my friend it is once again my time to shine. And shining is what I do best. I admit that when I was here last I was a little out of control and out of my mind- but I am an artist. I live free. By any means. There are no boundaries and if feel like I need to wear my clothes a certain way and wear my hair pink then that is my right.

It’s funny though, when I was here last I was put in a cage because I loved to tag. Man, New York City was the place to be in the late 70’s and 80’s. Don’t let my birth date fool you. I am both older and younger than I look. Anyway, I used to tag up the building and the walls in the Bronx while B-boys did their dance to the base line laid down by DJs like GrandMaster Flash and Cool Herc. That was a time to be alive. When you art could get you arrested because society didn’t understand my creativity. I created the setting to the music that created the sound that brought forth the revolution.

And now I’m back. Where I’ve been is a story for another day. But What I have learned that much like when I left the country is run by a movie star that is looking to stop the revolution. I may not be able to create for long.