Reflections and Regrets

Dear Alex,

It’s been awhile since we’ve last spoken, I’d say ever since I set out in an attempt to bring Arganee back to its former prosperous state and I feel that I’ve done my part, though I certainly couldn’t have done it alone. So many people played a part in the restoration of this world and its magical status, some even more so than I.

In this group effort many other alchemists and their unique minds and skills have played a creative roll in the restoration of Arganee. From the imagineers to remixers, each has played roles unique to their own skill levels and mindsets that others could not have accomplished on their own. What I have learned during this experience in Arganee isn’t so different from what I have learned during my time in the other world (your world), which is that no one person can do it all on their own. Whether it be an assignment/task ranging from minor in its difficulty level to considerably time-consuming with numerous aspects to it, one works renders more creative/effective results when working with others. Given the state that Arganee was prior to now I can honestly say that it would still be in in shambles, in disarray had there not been a combined effort of everyone’s unique mentalities and their passionate desires to give toward something.

I know my strengths and weaknesses and during this rigorous process of restoring Arganee I also attempted to build upon my weaker areas as an alchemist – my audio and social. With each trial that came my way in the form of “missions” and “DDAs” that served as a potential life-restorer to Arganee I attempted to implement various new methods that might incorporate traits of my lesser versed areas of magic. It is sad to say that I was unsuccessful in doing so, as dividing myself between the many tasks of my life as a whole combined with this this mission me and many other alchemists had set out on, it was hard to find the time to commit to applying myself more so to new ways of doing things. I know that I just recently told you that teamwork is key, and that is no exception amongst us alchemists, but I have remained solitary, in the shadows alone for the most part of my time during this mission as I am reluctant when it comes to counting on others to get certain time-limited jobs completed. That being said, my contribution here in Arganee have been limited to the same level of contributions from beginning to end. If only I was more proficient time management magic.

In the end of it all, I was surprised at how our digital alchemy was able to reform Arganee in the manner that it did. I know you’ve been a bit skeptical regarding the validity good that can come out of digital alchemy, Alex and that’s understandable. One could say that it is much like the rhetoric enforced by people the people of your world throughout history, in how through its implementation it provides a unique conveyance of perspective with regard to what it is representing. The manner in how one attempts to illustrate a point through the implementation of many methods – sound, pictures, words, etc. – can have unique power/sway over a person in how it gain there attention for better or worse. Perhaps they may be in favor of your message or against it, either way you have gained the attention of a number of people who will either serve to either advocate or discriminate what you to the attention of the public. There is power in words and even more power in how one in the constructive way that you get your message out to the world. Digital alchemy has tremendous potential; the most common forms of digital alchemy in your world that come to mind that have a tremendous impact are the news (typed and reported), online petitions and a variety of videos. I know it doesn’t always have such productive outcomes, but the outlet for your message, as well as how many people work with you hand-in-hand in have a profound influence on that outcome. The amount of responses that stemmed from our writing for Arganee should be proof of that.

I know that you have quite the untapped wellspring of potential for this sort of art, you just need to commit yourself more to it, or perhaps, much like me, you have particular preferences about getting yourself out into the world. Either way, keep building upon your strengths and weaknesses and never let your creative voice die.

Your pal,

The One Above All