allo hailey!

right now, i am scrambling to find moy kat and hurry back to do… important magic things. you do not need to know what, but the black winds beckon me. i will say this – thank you for letting me learn of your goaafy world. i feel like i know way too much about carbonated product, but it may be useful later… maybe it might make good potion, da? xaxa, we shall see, we shall see, comrade.

i think best part of looking into your world was the other great alchemists who inhabit it with you! such talent, such artistry – we alchemists from arganee are impressed, and there will be much talk for a long time after about the things we have observed from you all.

ah, i found that note i had made for you! yes, it is quick scribbles, but i hope you enjoy small poem, da? we will all still be in touch, just a memory away… if you ever need to find your way back to the mirror world again, i hear there is a certain knife floating around that can turn that apple in your hand to a very precious doorway. (;



until then, dasvedanyah!

with lubov,



allo! after last week’s introduction to pepsi’s commercial, i have been wondering if they have taken some inspiration from Qbanyq Gehzc and his brilliant command of social media presence… very bold, truth-telling. let’s make #arganee great again, da? look out for more fun stuff tomorrow, friends!

and speaking of news! i have decided to set up a weather report for my dear comrades of the mirror world. the weather here is so, so unpredictable, so i’ve been trying to give friends a heads up on whether or not they will need to turn their leftover pumpkins seeds into a last minute umbrella for the night. i know moy Kat has been stuck inside watching the clouds catch fire and the wind blacken the streets outside, so poor thing is missing our – ah, i mean her – time exploring arganee.

but! please tune into my reports, happening throughout the day, as it can be raining dreams one minute, and then snowing amethyst the next. stay safe out there, comrades! xaxa

with lubov,


ya govoryu #arganee

privyet! you can all me Ketsunya— nothing more, nothing less, da?

you all don’t need to know where i’m from, just know i work in a humble little lab with my cat. she’s very curious, maybe will pop up from time to time— serves a lot of my inspiration and sheds a lot. i’ll find a black hair or two occasionally even in my thoughts. she also does not like limes, funny enough, which i find to be the perfect ingredient in a lot of the— how do you say— work, i do. nyu ladno.

i love to write and create, da, but i also love to reimagine art and ideas. mixing different things together to make something new, a fresh vision (remember, add that pinch of lime juice for that edge!). i’m not the best at communicating, but i will try— at least, try through universal tongue of #arganee and art (^• ω •^)

for any of my curious alchemists, this is only other thing i will disclose:

this is all for now, comrades! xaxaxa, follow and talk to me here. until next time, dasvedanya!