Dear Brooke – Mission IV

Dear Brooke,

Hello, thanks for making me. I’ve had a lot of fun in Arganee. As we come to our last mission, I want to share with you what I’ve learned in this new place. Having experienced this digital world, I have realized that a lot of what we type doesn’t really matter. I’ve learned a new term called slacktivism. What does it mean, you ask? You’re an education major, Brooke. Figure it out.

Slacking in your activism. I’ve seen on your Facebook, Brooke, that a lot of your “friends” have pretty big ideas but don’t do much as far as carrying them out. I’m supposed to write a letter to you telling you how to use digital alchemy but you’re already doing it. Your Facebook page is different from your friends. I commend you, Brooke, for the way you have stayed true to yourself. You know that nothing you post can change the world so you change what you can.

Digital activism and alchemy can absolutely make a difference. It is the building blocks of change. Look at it this way- if a friend of yours goes to a political rally and supports letting Syrian refugees into the United States, that’s great. But where did they come from? They’ve never expressed an interest in this topic before. Nothing on social media. However, if they used digital activism in the beginning, their opinion would be more relevant. They could use their social media platform to build a reputation for themselves, like you do.

A friend of yours posted something about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. You’ve posted about it on your page as well. But the difference between you and your friend and that you don’t just post. You act. You care about Israel and you are a proud Zionist. You’ve visited the country and supported local business and tourism. You’ve donated sums of money to the IDF over the years. Don’t forget about the peaceful protest you hosted a few years ago to bring Israelis and Palestinians together. This is activism. This makes a difference.

Friends of yours also post about LGBTQ rights but what do they do about it? The people who post about allowing same sex marriage are the same people who use the other “F” word as a casual slur when it’s not. It’s an offensive term that should never leave someone’s mouth. You’re different. You post about LGBTQ rights but that’s not all. You’ve posed for NOH8 and all of that money went to the cause. You’re also a member of the HRC and have an equal rights flag hanging outside of your help. And of course, your entire family is running in the New York Gay Pride Marathon this summer.

There are two other causes that you’re passionate about on social media and in real life, special education and pediatric Cancer. You’ve read to kids with special needs, volunteered in schools, and you’re a member of KDP, so you help students on a daily basis. You donate money and volunteer for Larger than Life, an organization for pediatric Cancer that helps families that can’t afford treatment. Sharing a picture that says 1 like = 1 prayer is nice and all but get up and do something. It really works when you try. 

Just because you’re passionate about something, doesn’t mean you can always help. You don’t think I’d like to give money to everyone who needs it? I’d love to. But it’s not the way the world works. My advice, get out there and do what you can. Social media activism is only slacktivism if there’s nothing to back it up. It’s really nice to share a post on Facebook about ending world hunger. But it’s even nicer to donate to charity. It doesn’t need to be money, it can be time.

When you’re about to share something, ask yourself, would I share a post about this cause if it cost 5 dollars to hit share every time.

Be an activist, not a slacktivist.



Some Parody Banter

Everyone loves to laugh! Right? Well, I know I do.

My favorite show is Saturday Night Live. I love the new stuff, the old stuff. I’ll watch it in the morning, at night…. but never at dusk.

It’s nice watching it in my house because it’s cozy. I have a nice couch and I curl up with my family and we watch together. Lucky for me, I don’t live in a van down by the river!

This Saturday night, though, I couldn’t stay awake because I had a fever. But no cow bell. When I have a fever, the only cure is more cow bell.

It’s also so cool that it’s filmed live in New York. Because there’s so many people around! Manhattan is definitely not a Lonely Island.

My dad loves SNL. So does my boyfriend. When the two of them get together, they’re a bunch of wild and crazy guys!

The other night, I tried to watch SNL but my satellite was on the fritz. So I hopped up on the roof to fix it and I could have sworn I saw the OKO Tower and I thought…I can see Russia from my house!

But the worst is when they do reruns for like three weeks in a row…what’s up with that?

If you watch SNL as much as I do, you got all of my jokes. But on to the parody of this blog post.

This weekend, at the Penn State tailgate, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight! He’s always touching my stuff! So I decided to mess with his. He didn’t like it very much and we got into quite the argument! Luckily, someone saw what was going on and stepped in to help. Take a look….

Now wasn’t that lucky!

Still Hungry?

The remixers of Arganee are!

Here is our recipe:
Level: Master Chef
Your basket:
Main Ingredients:
lazy Sunday
whole chicken

Spice Pack:
1/2 dash of triumph
1/4 smidge of depression
1/8 dollop of moodiness
1/3 cup of delight

Here is our story:

We are the remixers of Arganee. We take what is given to us and transform it…”remix” it if you will into something different.

Instead of writing the story as a narrative, we created an interaction that we are more familiar with…texting.

To add to your experience, you should all know that this story was not written in advance but instead, in true #netnarr fashion, improvised as we went. The conversation was completely organic and we were only given a scene and character names. The personalities of each character were taken on by the remixers as the conversation progressed.

We have created a little video for everyone to enjoy.

**DISCLAIMER: Video contains adult language, witty banter, and quite the zinger at the end.
Viewer discretion advised.

-Devorah, Laurus Vagus Ambigo, and Ketsunya-


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen…

…said no alchemist ever! We love the heat! We love the anger! So let’s cook with it. Here’s my recipe!

Level: Chef
Your basket:
Main Ingredients:
research assistant
cocoa powder

Spice Pack:
1/8 pinch of zest
1/2 cup of grief

And my story:
I sit on the park bench looking down at cocoa powder stains on my white converse. The break room. Everyone needs a pick me up every now and then. Grief’s funny that way. My uncle died last week. Not my moms brother, her sister’s husband. But he was my uncle. My g-dfather, the man who was supposed to care for me if something happened to my parents. Now he’s gone.

He taught me how to count while I drove to make sure I wasn’t tail gating. Because of him, I know to tap the tab on my soda can. The bubbles travel to the bottom of the can so it doesn’t explode.

Now he’s gone.

People say I should be okay. He was “just” my uncle. Just my uncle.

Today was a bad day. First day back at work. I’m a research assistant at Columbia. It’s about a 10 minute walk from Central Park

I went to the break room to make hot chocolate. There’s something about hot chocolate. Usually, people go to coffee for a pick me up but hot chocolate has an innocence about it. It reminds me of when I was a child. Before he died. Now he’s gone.

Cinnamon. Why not? Adds a nice zest. The cocoa powder escapes its Neste enclosure and descends on my shoes.

Enough for today. Time for a walk.

I put on my hoodie. I keep it in my desk. I pass a friend from work. No- not a friend. An acquaintance at best. She puts her hand on my shoulder and gives a slight squeeze of encouragement. Almost as if to say hang in there, kiddo.

So back to the bench. In my hoodie, cocoa powder on my shoes. Now I’m here. Now he’s gone.

I’m just an Avatar over here…

Silly silly! I’m just an avatar. A little alchemist who depends on her source for action. Well my source, the one who made me, she’s silly and posted Arganee stuff on her own Twitter instead of on here! Duh! So, let’s liven up this blog a little bit! More to come!


Ah Arganee, we meet at last.

I’m Devorah. In Hebrew, my name means Bumble Bee. The bumble bee takes the sweetness from one flower and spreads it to the rest of them. Just like I, Devorah, intend to harvest sweetness and kindness and spread it to the rest of Arganee.

I’m very excited to be a remixer! Give me elements that would never go together and I can make them blend flawlessly!

Arganee is going to be fun. I’m off to “Cook” a story!