Hello my alchemist friends.

Last week we talked about the thing the Earthlings call “activism.” I think this “activism” is where the Earthlings take a stand on something that they feel is worth speaking out about. If this is the case, I experienced activism this past week on my trip to the American city, “Washington, D.C.”

From what I understand, the people were observing a holiday called “Earth Day,” on which they celebrate their planet. This seems to me an odd holiday, do they not celebrate it every single day like we do, back in my home world?

There was another element to this observation as well, I think this was the “activism” part. Scientists and doctors were gathered, with signs about money and research. It was explained to me that the current government administration has spoken of reducing funding for the Earthlings scientific research, which seems to me a bad idea. Without support, how will they progress forward in their knowledge? Earthlings are frail, they need medical and scientific knowledge to live. They are not like us, with our immortality potions.

The scientists and doctors standing around protesting, is that “activism,” or “slactivism”? I believe it would be activism, because they made the effort to come from their homes to take a stance. They did not just “tweet” about it on their “Twitters,” or “post” on their “Facebooks” (forgive me, these terms are foreign), they went out and participated.

I think this is the “Activism” the Earthlings speak of. What are your thoughts?


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  1. I understand that Earth Day is merely one element of Universe Love Time. In the remix, worlds come together to help each other. We, too, can do that.


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