Still Hungry?

The remixers of Arganee are!

Here is our recipe:
Level: Master Chef
Your basket:
Main Ingredients:
lazy Sunday
whole chicken

Spice Pack:
1/2 dash of triumph
1/4 smidge of depression
1/8 dollop of moodiness
1/3 cup of delight

Here is our story:

We are the remixers of Arganee. We take what is given to us and transform it…”remix” it if you will into something different.

Instead of writing the story as a narrative, we created an interaction that we are more familiar with…texting.

To add to your experience, you should all know that this story was not written in advance but instead, in true #netnarr fashion, improvised as we went. The conversation was completely organic and we were only given a scene and character names. The personalities of each character were taken on by the remixers as the conversation progressed.

We have created a little video for everyone to enjoy.

**DISCLAIMER: Video contains adult language, witty banter, and quite the zinger at the end.
Viewer discretion advised.

-Devorah, Laurus Vagus Ambigo, and Ketsunya-


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