Crunch, Crunch, Crunch Time…

Is their power in parody? A latent ability that, once tap-tap-tapped, can transform thinking? That, through entertaining, can spur one to entertain thoughts they usually bar entry to? Is the silliness really all that silly?

Unfortunately, neither Dycpgc-egpj-uyllyzc nor this so-called Qfybmu-egpj-uyllyzc were able to find the time to giving such muse-muse-musings adequate consideration. Too many end of the season–end of one chapter–projects and other odds n’ so many ends to juggle. Thinking serious ’bout silliness just fell through weary fingers… ūüôĀ which isn’t so¬†funny ha-ha,¬†believe me for a change.

Dycpgc-egpj-uyllyzc has been reading her bones and me, my moon’s passages, though, and we forecast some free time in the near future to devote to properly measuring the merits or lack thereof of funny ha-ha-ness when it comes to instigating real change.

Hopefully, the wait is not too taxing for you fellow alchemists. Methinks, the¬†crunch¬†of crunch time echoing in more ears than just¬†Dycpgc-egpj-uyllyzc’q and reverberating off more than these¬†fair bones.

Many thanks for understanding~


Despite the crunch, magic spells are still being cast. Check them out if you dare ^.^

Faerie Spells

Shadow Spells

Céad slán till an chéad uair eile, daoine~



allo! after last week’s introduction to pepsi’s commercial, i have been wondering if they have taken some inspiration from¬†Qbanyq Gehzc and his brilliant command of social media presence… very bold, truth-telling. let’s make #arganee great again, da? look out for more fun stuff tomorrow, friends!

and speaking of news! i have decided to set up a weather report for my dear comrades of the mirror world. the weather here is so, so unpredictable, so i’ve been trying to give friends a heads up on whether or not they will need to turn their leftover pumpkins seeds into a last minute umbrella for the night. i know moy Kat has been stuck inside watching the clouds catch fire and the wind blacken the streets outside, so poor thing is missing our – ah, i mean her – time exploring arganee.

but! please tune into my reports, happening throughout the day, as it can be raining dreams one minute, and then snowing amethyst the next. stay safe out there, comrades! xaxa

with lubov,




Memes. ¬†Interesting form of communication I have discovered in this realm. Facebook, too. ¬†So many posts. ¬†‚ÄúFunny‚ÄĚ requests. ¬†Why? ¬†I want to tell ppl to stop, stop, stop. So, I made some memes to speak their language. ¬†Not sure if message will be received correctly. ¬†I think they may be‚Ķ.how do you say‚Ķ..crass?

Skeptical Baby Big | ARE YOU SURE YOU WAITED LONG ENOUGH TO POST THOSE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS? | image tagged in skeptical baby big | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

jesus facepalm | THANKS, BUT I'M PRETTY SURE GOD DOESN'T NEED ME TO GIVE HIM A SHOUT-OUT ON FACEBOOK | image tagged in jesus facepalm | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Third World Skeptical Kid Meme | SO YOU'RE TELLING ME IF I DON'T CHANGE MY FACEBOOK STATUS TO SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE OF THE WEEK, I'LL HAVE 7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK? | image tagged in memes,third world skeptical kid | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

I'M PRETTY SURE THAT CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKE GENERATING APP YOU USED WAS JUST BEING POLITE | image tagged in that look when some one leaves and then returns to facebook | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

It’s a good thing I do not know many ppl in this world.  I shall choose to reside in the mirror land.   

(For more reading fun, see my friend, Wanderer_920’s post about parodies in the Netnarr¬†world)

Diagram: Arganee Sound Collection Array

When I arrived, the plans for the Sound Collection Array were waiting for me. The idea had been implanted into my mind. This early drawing reflects the basic design of the Sound Collection Array, and how its modules both gather and send forth data into the Universe. The box at the bottom is the advanced computing system that converts signals from the Universe into media files that we can hear. Messages continue to be received …

Tracking the Transmissions

As a remixer and collector, I have been keeping track of the transmissions from the Universe, in hopes of understanding the underlying narrative intent of the communications. We engage in analysis. There is much still yet to be learned ….