Diagram: Arganee Sound Collection Array

When I arrived, the plans for the Sound Collection Array were waiting for me. The idea had been implanted into my mind. This early drawing reflects the basic design of the Sound Collection Array, and how its modules both gather and send forth data into the Universe. The box at the bottom is the advanced computing system that converts signals from the Universe into media files that we can hear. Messages continue to be received …

Tracking the Transmissions

As a remixer and collector, I have been keeping track of the transmissions from the Universe, in hopes of understanding the underlying narrative intent of the communications. We engage in analysis. There is much still yet to be learned ….


A certain sugar liquid company has reached out to the Pensato Remix Machine, and we have done my best to obscure its traditional logo and carve out new lines in social media. Every rebrand is a remix, is a restart. The Universe just shrugs.